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Adobers: a Better Way to Advertise

Adobers: a Better Way to Advertise

You may have been using social media to do marketing for your business specially when most of us had to stay at home due to the pandemic. We’re also quite sure that you have experienced most of these situations with your posts in groups every time you advertise.

We’re not saying that leveraging social media is a bad choice. It’s actually great! But it has its downsides too, the most common of them, we pointed out. In this article, we’re sharing why signing up on Adobers.Net will help you stay on top of your marketing game. Let’s read on!


Scenario 1: Your ad is always getting buried

Is your ad always buriedJoining social media  groups has been a thing in 2020. Every other member has been posting about what they sell, what they offer or just about any thing. Top that with new memberships everyday which makes the groups grow in numbers and its actually looking good! But every time you post, it gets buried within minutes because there are hundreds of posts from other members, vendors and business owners. 

Based on a study done by Facebook, people scroll through the feed 41% faster in mobile devices than desktop. That decreases the chances of your ad getting the attention it deserves. 

On Adobers.Net, your business info, your products and services are all in a listing page. What’s best is your listing does not get buried because unlike groups, the Adobers platform is built for searching. People won’t have to scroll as they do because they can search for you better than how they do using the search features of the groups you are in.



Scenario 2: Posting multiple times a day about the same thing

Now you have discovered that you have to post multiple times a day to get attention. How many times, three or five times maybe? Sometimes you would have to come up with something new for each posts so you won’t get flagged by admins or moderators. If you have a website, you would also add a your URL. And if you’re not careful, Facebook will be the one flagging you as a violator of their community standards. That’s sucks and is very time consuming! But we admire your perseverance.

That’s why we built the Adobers platform, so your information will never get lost. Because again, you are easy to search for. You just have to use keywords in a smart way to make sure you show up every time someone searches for products like yours or related to yours.

Scenario 3: You use screenshots to share reviews about your business

Do you use screenshots to share reviews?You would take screenshots of the messages from your happy customers to post about great feedback on what they ordered from you and scribble on their name to cover them. Congratulations! But did you know
there is a better way, where you don’t have to take screenshots anymore and not do that scribble? The feedback also is more credible because the happy customer is giving you a public review.

We built the Adobers platform with built in reviews feature so you can receive and keep reviews. Where? Guess what, in your own listing page together with all of your business information. It will never get lost. That saves you time from all the tasks just to post reviews. Customers and you can post pictures too. Isn’t that cool?


Scenario 4: You’re using the messages to process orders

That’s a quick work around to get orders, e totally agree. But we also think it’s a quick way to mix up messages from customers with the messages from personal connections like your hubby, family, kids, best friend, group of friends where you talk about non-sense and so on. 

The listing page on Adobers has a direct message feature that is built for customers and you to communicate and transact. It lands in your dashboard on the website so you keep them in one place. It won’t have to mix up with your personal messages ever again. If you’re worried you might miss a message, worry no more. You will receive email notifications whenever you get a direct message. Sweet!

Scenario 5: Drop your URL and hope someone would notice

How many times have you participated in posting your URL so people would see who’s selling or offering who? It gets so much participation like up to 300+ comments from all other business owners. That’s a lot! If you post early in the thread, you will get attention early in the thread. If you post late, you’re in luck because your comment will most likely be the last. But then the post will be buried in the feed by then. 

You’ve read earlier that you are more searchable and your business information are all in your listing page on Adobers.Net. Guess what, we’re saying that again. Because you are. When someone searches for you in social media groups, they end up scrolling (if ever they scroll or just leave the page). On Adobers, customers can search and filter the results to narrow than and get to what they need when they need it.

Scenario 6: You’re lucky if you get recommended

We have very supportive family and friends or customers who’s been happy with your products. How often will they share about your business? It’s great when they do most of the time. 

How often do you see a post looking for recommendations for products and services similar to yours? And how easy does it get buried in the feed? 

As a business owner, you shouldn’t be relying on these. Right? You should be doing your own moves. 

Let’s talk about the reviews feature on Adobers.net again. The reviews stay with your listing. Recommendations are faster because the reviews are always there. Sure being recommended is a good thing. But what if you get recommended and the great reviews show up to top that recommendation? Now you’re more credible and getting closer to that sale!


Scenario 7: Your business is not getting attention

Is you business not getting attention?There’s a range of 100-200 posts daily in your group. About three out of 100 users are active. One out of three are business posts. How much attention does your post get? How many visits does your business have? Unless you know how to play the social media algorithm, then you will be fine. What if you don’t?

Adobers.net is designed and developed to serve more than just a directory. It is a resource for both business owners and customers. It is a community with the intention of driving focus and attention to small FilAm businesses. The features and and design are done in a way to make it easier for you to advertise your business and for customers to find you.

Taking advantage of social media is a great thing and it brings results, if you know how to. If you don’t, or does not have the time to perform all these activities we mentioned above, Adobers is the right tool for you. And if you know how to utilize social media, it won’t hurt to have another lead generation and marketing platform. Adobers is for everyone. It’s here to bring all FilAms together.

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