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Lola (Grandma) Appreciation Day 3/19, Guapdad 4000 x !llmind ‘1176’ Album & ‘Chicken Adobo’ Release Day

Lola Appreciation Day

@guapdad4000 x @illmindproducer announce 3/19 “1176” album release date with singles “How Many,” “Chicken Adobo” & more on Lola Appreciation Day.

Guapdad 4000 created the day to give flowers to our ancestors & those that paved the way for our success. “1176” is introspective album of growing up in Oakland being raised by his Lola. (Grandma)

He teamed up with @MYXglobal to announce the new annual date where people all over the world can show appreciation for their grandparents, especially those that have migrated to other countries to help support their families.

A TV commercial airing on MYX @MYXglobal, TFC @kapamilyaTFC, @AsianJournal, @socalfilipinos featuring some of the stories shared on social media will be chosen.

Enter to win $500 & a feature in the commercial by posting a photo of your Lola (Grandma) detailing why you love her using the hashtags #mahalkitalola & #chickenadobo. The winning stories will be picked personally by #Guapdad4000 & his Lola.

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