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Founded in 2017 by dance and music artist Lydia Querian, Daily Malong is on a mission to empower weavers, master artists, artisans, and other Indigenous community leaders in the Philippines to continue their living traditions by extending the appreciation of indigenous creations to Pilipino diasporic communities in North America! Many youth in weaving communities are assigning more value to Western culture than their own traditions. Daily Malong believes that by demonstrating how much people in the diaspora appreciate their culture and work, it will encourage these youth to take a more active role in perpetuating the traditions, practice them with pride, and value their communities. Since opening its virtual storefront, scores of Filipino-Americans from across the country have acquired their very own malongs, apparel, and other accessories from Daily Malong. In the past, the only way to find one of these items was by travelling to the Philippines. Querian’s online store makes these items accessible without having to purchase a plane ticket.