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  1. What is Adobers?
    Adobers is an online community designed and built for the Filipinx community. Think of it like “Yelp” but the listings are owned by Filipino-Americans.
  2. What’s in it for me?
    You can find restaurants, shops and service providers all by FilAms. You can also learn Filipino food recipes, travel recommendations in the Philippines and most importantly the rich culture (through Tambayan).
  3. Why is it free?
    We created this platform to be a resource to support FilAm business owners and the Filipinos living in the US. We are business owners and consumers ourselves and we know the challenges of navigating through this difficult time. This is our way to sharing our talents, experience and time to fellow FilAms.
  4. Why choose Adobers when there are other directories out there?
    Signing up and verifying your listing is FREE! We are also more than a directory. We’re a community. We take care of each other. We do not simply want listings on our pages but we want these listings to have a full profile that the public can use. Here at Adobers, we exercise bayanihan.
  5. Is this platform going to stay after the pandemic goes away?
    Yes. We will stay. It just happened that the launch fell in the time of the crisis and the pandemic. The Adobers platform is a lifelong dream. It is a product out of our commitment to serve FilAms.
  6. How can I join?
    If you are a business owner, simply register by clicking/tapping the sign in button at the top right of the page. If your business is already listed, head over to its page and claim it. Once we have verified your information, you will be able to manage its content.
    If you are a consumer, guest or the coolest FilAm in the US, you can also sign up. Once you have created your account, you can give reviews, bookmark listings and book appointments. All these you can manage in your own dashboard.
    Check out our How to Use manual for step-by-step guide in the sign up process.
  7. What is Tambayan?
    Tambayan is the Tagalog word for hangout. You can find resources about Pinoy food, travel, culture and lifestyle, This is also group on social media that Adobers administers. We have teamed up with content creators to bring you trending and interesting content every day of the week.
  8. How can I be contributor to Tambayan?
    We’re always looking for new content. So if you have a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel, send us a message at

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