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How to Use Your AdobersAdd New Listing

With the new dashboard, you can add multiple listings under one account. just be sure you are logged in with the account you want to use to manage all listings. To add a new listing, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add Listing on the left sidebar or Submit New Listing if you are on the My Listings tab.
  2. Fill in the listing name and choose the category and the subcategory where your listing falls in. If you don’t see your category, feel free to message us and we will add it in for you.
    NOTE: It is very important to enter the most relevant keywords to your listing. Keywords are the backbone of the search function in this platform so be sure you have yours.
    Add Listing
  3. In the location fields, you will find an Address field and a Friendly Address field. The Address field is for the address that is recognized by Google Maps which most of the time does not include the suite and unit numbers or floors in your address. You can add those in the Friendly Address field if you have it. But take note, the Address field gets the map coordinates from Google and plots it in the map that will show up in your listing. If you leave both fields empty, there will be no map displayed on your listing.
    Location Settings
  4. Drag and drop photos to your gallery. You can select one and assign it as the cover image of your listing by simply clicking on it. This image will be the thumbnail that shows up in all the listing results.NOTE: If you uploaded three images or less, the gallery of your page will be displayed under the business description. If you upload four (4) or more, it will show up by the header giving your listing page a more attractive look and engaging feature.
  5. Add in the details of your listing.
  6. Click on preview. You won’t see the full page but the listing details are available. Make sure to click submit to save your changes.

Optional Fields

Hours of Operation

By default, the hours of operation tab is switched off. You can switch it on by simply clicking on the toggle button at the top right of the box. This adds a box to your listing with the hours of operation for each day.

Hours of Operation

You can add in the hours by following these steps:

  1. Click on the opening and closing hours then a dropdown menu will show where you can select the hours for each day. Take note there is a 30 minute increment for the time entries.
  2. If you open and close at multiple times during the day, simply click add more below the day and additional opening and closing fields will be added to that day.
  3. If you want to edit it, simply click on the time and select a new one. If you want to delete a time entry, click on clear time.
  4. For days you are closed, you can simply leave the day/s without any hours.
  5. You can also choose By Appointment Only if you offer that day. Though it will not be shown, you have to add some hours in the opening and closing fields.

Products and Services

Another option you have is you can add products and services to the listings.

Products and Services
To use this, follow these steps:

  1. Click add item to add a product or a service and new row will appear where you could put in the details for each service
  2. You can put in the price if you like or you could leave it blank.
  3. Click on the toggle button if you want it to show up in the Booking* feature.
  4. If you are offering a service that is multipliable by the number of guests, days or guest and days, change One Time Fee to the applicable option.
  5. Tick the quantity buttons if your product or service accommodates more than one customer per booking.
  6. If you want to delete that item, simply click on x.

You can also categorize each product or service.

  1. Click on add category and add the category name.
  2. Drag and drop the items/rows to organize them in each category you created.

You also have the option of hiding the products and services fields but still keep them available on the booking feature. You can do that by simply adding a tick on the box where it says “Hide pricing table on listing page but show bookable services in booking widget”.

Availability Calendar

If you are close in certain days of the month, you can use the Availability Calendar to setup the days you are not operating in the Booking form. Simply head two the the Availability Calendar box and click on the days you do not wish to accept any bookings and it will appear unavailable in the booking calendar.


*Booking is a paid subscription service. Click here to learn more about it.

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