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How to Use Your AdobersBooking

The Booking feature allows you to accept and manage appointments online via the dashboard. However, it is not available by default. To have this feature activated, please fill up this form and we will set it up with you.

When the Booking feature has been activated for you listing, the Booking and Availability box will be available on your listing page settings.

Booking Slots

To set up Booking Slots, follow these steps.

  1. At the bottom of each day’s box, you can add the time slots.
  2. Type the start time and end time for each slot and be sure to select am/pm, then click add.
  3. If you have multiple slots for each booking period, you can add or delete them by clicking +/-.
  4. Do the same for each day.

Products and Services

The products and services have been discussed in the add new listing steps. It is shown to you briefly in this section because the information you entered here can be used for the services available for booking. Once you have filled in the details, you can choose to display this widget in the body of the listing or hide it but it will show in the service options available for booking. The image below shows the products and services available for booking in the right side bar.


Booking Prices and Settings

These settings give you more options to setup your Booking form. Though you won’t be charging your customers at this point, you may want to let know if you have special pricing for the weekend. Alternatively, if you don’t want to put any details in this section, you can leave it as it is, blank.

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