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How to Use Your AdobersDashboard Summary

We’ve worked hard to make sure this will be easy to use and no stranger looking interface will be saying hello to you when you login to your account. While logged in, you can still browse the rest of the website via the navigation menu on the header. You can always go back to the dashboard by clicking the “My Account” at the top right of the page.

On the right side bar, you will see all the functions that your account has. On the main area of the page is the summary of your account.

We’ve added the Active Listings box because you are able to list up to how many listings as you want. So if you have multiple businesses to list, you know the status of it through this box without having to click any extra. Additionally, you will also receive an email regarding the status of your listing/s.

The total views is a quick preview of how many users have visited your page. If you want the full analytics, feel free reach out to us at and we will generate a report for you for a small fee.

The Total Reviews box, as indicated, is the total number of reviews your listing/s has/have received.

The Times Bookmarked box, as it says, is the total number times your listing/s has/have been bookmarked.

The recent Activities box will display all the activities that your account and listings have. It will displays activities for all listings if you have multiple.

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