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Messages are the conversation you exchange with your customers sent to you by your customers through your listing page. Take note that this feature only works when your listing is verified.  And remember, verifying your listing is FREE.

When you receive a message, you are notified through email and you also get a green notification dot on the messages tab with a number in it. It tells you how many new messages you have received.

A response to any messages will send an email notification to the recipient.

You have an inbox (shown above), which lists all the messages you have received. At the far right is the indication of when the message was received.

When you click on a conversation, you will see the thread of the messages with the particular customer. The actions you have are reply and delete. Unfortunately, you cannot sen any photos or videos through the message box. If you need to attach a file, uploading them to an online repository like Google Drive or Dropbox is highly suggested.

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