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A and B Tutors is a professional online tutoring service that hire credentialed teachers with years of experience to provide above and beyond specialized and personalized assistance to students to achieve their potential anywhere in the world. We will match you with tutors that will meet you where your need is. They are passionate and excellent communicators who will engage and motivate the student to achieve their best.



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About the Owner Joanne Lim

Joanne Lim

As a working mom, I realized how difficult it is to balance quality family time and assisting my kids to achieve their academic goals. As an educator myself, I abhor seeing my children stressing out over homework that I cannot help them with. I set out to find a tutor and realized that it is difficult finding someone who has the right credentials and experience. If you do find one, it is very costly. Well, I want to prove that excellence need not be expensive. Thus, this no-frills but substance filled tutoring company was born. This company focuses on hiring highly qualified teachers.
I founded this company based on my standards and beliefs that we can make wonderful memories with our children by spending time with them and at the same token, support and achieve their academic goals.

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