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Our Filipino grandparents inspire us to capture honesty and demonstrate love in ways that are accessible and meaningful. They would regularly share powerful stories of the Philippines, its people, values, history, and its otherworldly spirit. By the age of 4 and 5, my younger, sister (Cathy) and I were familiar to their lively stories, that we were able to IMAGINE what they meant but struggled to confidently CONNECT ourselves or our thoughts to.

They managed to change this with a simple but effective approach. They crafted experiences for us and let our curiosity and open interaction be our teacher. As we got older, I realized this truly gifted us with a strong sense of pride, love, and interconnectedness to family and to all!

Their way of providing context gave us the personal sensory playground necessary for a strong foundation for my younger sister and I to connect to the Philippines (even though we were born and raised in Southern California).

Now as young adults, we want to reach out and invite all to be a part of this highly intentional form of love. We package our pints with the opportunity for more stories to be shared, with a healthy does of ice cream to encourage you. At our pop up events (or even at home), you will start seeing the beautiful beginnings of deeper and meaningful exchange. Lots of love to you all always! Like Lolo always says, “You are our medicine”, so lets not take that lightly.


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