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Design Benefits Financial & Insurance Services Services Financial Services

755 Baywood Drive, Petaluma, CA, USA
  • I assist High Earning Professionals to use Leveraged Growth Strategies to Optimize their Retirement for the Most Tax-Free Income Possible and keep U.N.C.L.E S.A.M out of it.
  • I specialize in assisting those who are heading towards retirement or are already retired. I’m known as the “go-to-advisor” for those wanting no-nonsense, straight, and honest answers through a unique planning process to achieve their personal and financial goals. I have been serving my clients and their families since 1986. My mission is to help those protect and invest savings with tax-advantaged indexing strategies that will literally change their lives in retirement. Yes, there is a simple, clear plan to grow your wealth with peace of mind.




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About the Owner Mel Aguilar

Mel Aguilar

I started my career in the Financial Services Industry and trained as an advisor specializing in income planning in 1986. I’m committed to helping highly compensated professionals implement, grow, and partake in the best possible outcomes for their investments. I'm known as the "go-to-advisor" for those wanting no nonsense, straight and honest answers through a proprietary planning process to achieve their personal and financial goals. I pride myself in my ability to listen to what my client’s goals in life and finances are. I pair listening and a direct ability to pay attention to the small details of each client’s story. Those two characteristics allow for a client to feel heard and for our company to implement and solidify major value for our clients.

At Design Benefits Financial and Insurance Services, we work with those high earning individuals to design a portfolio unique only to them, that will be a “fit” through all areas of their lives. With the understanding that not everyone has the same goals and situation, we are able to connect each client with an array of support from many financial carriers. Our customized programs are tailored to each client and reflects an understanding that I am always looking out for my client’s best interest at the highest fiduciary level.

We are here to assist and turn conceptually-sound ideas into fully implemented solutions that add great value to investments for the long run. Our company takes pride in delivering exceptional benefits every step of the way. It is my personal mission to help those to protect and grow savings also reducing or eliminating taxes through leveraged strategies that will get someone to have more money heading to and through a successful retirement. There is a simple, clear plan to grow your wealth with peace of mind.

Outside of my company, I am happily married to my wife, Jennifer. We enjoy spending many outdoor activities with our two children and relaxing in the Sonoma wine country of the Bay Area, Northern California.

If you have any questions at all about our programs, please contact me at the info below.

Contact: Mel Aguilar

Direct: 707-241-0669

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