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About the Owner James Juan

James Tagle

James is the founder of Chosen Juans Financial Educators, a financial services and education company.
Growing up in Orange County in the late 80s and early 90s he did not have the luxury of learning powerful money concepts that were available only to the wealthy.
What's striking is that these money concepts have been around for years but the majority of people in the middle class in our country never heard of these powerful concepts.
Our mission as educators is to empower and educate people to become agents of change. The more people understand how money works, the more prepared they will be to make better financial decisions in their lives.
Aside from teaching people about money and finance, we also give them an option to learn the business side of what we do so in turn be compensated for the work they do to help people..
In today's economy, where inflation is staggering and the cost of food, fuel and almost everything else have risen, more families are looking for new ways to earning more money to battle inflation and remain prosperous. That's why included in our passions after education is to share an opportunity for open minded people to consider joining our crusade to become money educators and business leaders in one of the most stable and highest income generating industries in the world. Whether you are simply looking to learn these powerful financial money concepts and nothing else or you want to do both and are seeking to challenge yourself to learn how to educate people and be compensated for helping others, please message us and we can discuss more if this opportunity is right for you! Whichever option you choose we will extend the same level of professionalism and care as a thank you just for inquiring.
The motto for success that I follow, goes in this order: FAITH, FAMILY, BUSINESS, FITNESS and PHILANTHROPY.

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