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My art is a combination between abstract and realism. I like to use vivid colors and love playing with them, especially abstract paintings.

My arts are according to my own taste, an interpretation of subjects that will indulge that someone and to look deeply and see the things that were created accidentally or intentionally. The passion and dedication I put into my art somewhat communicate wildly to my viewer. I am a believer that I can create anything that my mind and heart desires.

The artist from within came to the surface when my grandma sent me her passport photograph in July 1997, and a strong urge to draw her played in my mind. For a month I tried my best doodling and just could not draw, but it did not stop me from trying. One day I stopped by an art store and ended up buying watercolors, brushes and drawing paper. I kept trying to draw my grandma until one day the beautiful photograph turned into a caricature, and I was thrilled with the outcome. Excitedly, I made a xerox copy of my drawings to send to my grandma. My grandma was very happy. Unfortunately, three months later she died of diabetes. From then on I continued my new hobby and later upgraded my work to draw on canvas and acrylic. The rest is history.

My opinion about art is that I constantly have room for improvement and rediscovering the magic of the spirit, heart and hands working together as one. The artist and the subject are intimately creating or producing a picture perfect for the eyes to see. I learned how to draw when I was 37 years old. Rediscover your hidden talent, do not ignore it, and you will find joy like I do. All my artwork I dedicated to my beloved grandma.


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