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That feeling of GIGIL
A Tagalog word used to describe that feeling you get when you see something so cute, except it’s next level kawaii cute, cuter than cute that you want to squish and squeeze it because it’s so annoyingly cute!

Welcome to Gigil Clothing, where culture meets apparel in a celebration of Filipino heritage✨

Gigil Clothing comes from a place of inspiration that is so close to my heart ❤️ We’re more than just a brand.Our purpose is rooted in uplifting and celebrating the vibrant heritage that is in our blood. Our playful designs are inspired by things we loved growing up (AND still do 😉). They resonate with those who, like me, want to embrace our cultural identity.

Together, we celebrate, uplift, and honor the vibrant Filipino culture that makes us who we are 🇵🇭🤎




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