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Gigil (gee-gill) is that feeling you get when you see something cute. But it’s next level kawaii cute, cuter than cute af that you want to squeeze it and die because it’s so annoyingly cute! It’s an old school Filipino word used all the time to describe cute kids.

Gigil Clothing was founded in 2015 and started with a siopao. My then, 6 months old son, Liam, was such a big and chunky baby. He reminded us so much of a siopao because of his cute round head and big eyes! We called him our little siopao and that cute little nickname inspired the brand. It took me a couple of years to plan and design, while working full-time as a UX designer and being a full-time mom to 2 boys and now it’s ready to come alive!

The designs are a tribute to our Filipino and Chinese heritage, in a modern, fun and playful way. Growing up, we loved to welcome people with food, LOTS OF FOOD. Food brings people together and is a beautiful, time honoured tradition that we translate into our designs.

Our super gigil designs are made to make you feel gigil and hope they bring happiness to others! Together, we can all SPARK GIGIL!


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